You will solve the following issues

  1. WP Legal Assessment

    ICO/STO Legal Advisor provides the terms and condition for the White Paper along with a legal assessment of the entire document and advises about the legal issues and risks related to the project, since investors, regulators (and even courts) rely on the white paper to understand how the new issued token works. ICO/STO Legal Advisor coordinates as well its process with the technical team and advisors who work on the functioning of the coin/token model and the business model.

  2. Token Model Review (Howey test)

    We provide a legal assessment and a complete review of the token model adopted by the ICO/STO project, in order to verify the compliance of such model with the law and regulations, while suggesting all of the possible remedies for potential issues.

  3. Preparation and drafting of the ICO/STO basic documents

    We help our clients in drafting of the Terms & Conditions, as well as the Token Sale Agreement, related to the ICO/STO project, taking into account all the relevant juristictions and the applicable laws for the public or private token sale:

    • Terms of Use / Terms and conditions
    • Token sale agreement, including risk factors indication and disclaimers
    • GDPR friendly Privacy Policy
  4. Additional services
    • Legal Review of the Website
Time frame — 7 business days

Preparing of documentation for token sale for accredited US investors under all SEC requirements

  1. Natural Person Investor Questionnaire
  2. Legal Entity Investor Questionnaire
    • Accredited Investor Questionnaire
      Questionnaire, purpose of which is to determine whether a person participating in the purchase of tokens, an accredited investor
    • Bad Actor Questionnaire
      Questionnaire aimed at identifying individuals who can’t participate in the purchase of tokens for other reasons
  3. Bad Actor questionnaire for client’s company

    Questionnaire aimed at identifying individuals inside your company, the presence of which may prevent the sale of tokens. The presence of such a questionnaire shows the measures taken by you to protect investors and is mandatory for the sale of tokens without their registration.

  4. Private Placement Memorandum

    Main document describing the project, team, process of sale

  5. Token Purcase Agreement
  6. Preparing and submission of Form D to the SEC through “EDGAR” system
  7. Advising on the sale of tokens to accredited US investors
Time frame — 7-10 business days

You will solve the following issues

  • Enter the US legal field
  • Open a US bank account
  • Cut costs (arrival, accommodation, etc.)
  • Channel saved funds towards growth
  • Work in the US market legally (real estate, stocks, etc.)
  • Manage assets without your actual presence

You will solve the following issues

  • Get all necessary registrations to work in the US market
  • Be included in the registry of suppliers
  • Become a participant of the key world market
  • Acquire expertise in best practices of working with customers/clients
  • Become partners of the best trading and Internet platforms in the USA with our assistance

You will solve the following issues

  • Enter the US legal field
  • Open a US bank account
  • Eliminate costs (arrival, accommodation, a need to hire local staff, etc.)
  • Get access to the biggest ordering platform in the world and the most profitable investments
  • Organize IT infrastructure in the USA

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ICO/STO Legal Services
  • WP Legal Assessment
  • Token Model Review
  • Terms of Use / Terms and conditions
  • GDPR friendly Privacy Policy
  • Token sale agreement
  • Legal Review of the Website
  • Time frame - 7 business days
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Preparing documentation for tokens sale for accredited US investors
  • Natural Person Investor questionnaire
  • Legal Entity Investor questionnaire
  • Bad Actor questionnaire
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Token Purchase Agreement
  • Preparing and submission of Form D to the SEC through “EDGAR” system
  • Consultation
  • Time frame - 7-10 business days
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Business Representative Office in the USA
  • Development of the investment plan
  • Development of the strategic business plan
  • Searching for investment objects and destinations
  • Organization of distribution and warehouses
  • Control of shipping/loading
  • Promotion of your products (services) in the US market
  • Attracting investments
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Company Registration in the USA
  • Obtaining a legal address
  • Getting approval for a company name
  • Getting approval for a form of ownership
  • Harmonization of legal papers with the tax authority
  • Registration with EIN (tax authority)
  • Completing, sending and receiving necessary documents
  • Payment of necessary fees
  • Document preparation to open a bank account
  • Opening a bank account remotely for non-residents
  • Log into a bank for online banking and training in its use
  • Time frame - 7 business days
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Doing your business in the USA
  • Mailing address
  • Sorting out the mail
  • Personal secretary
  • 24/7 counselling (counselling in the area of business, taxes, as well as legal services for the clients 24/7)
  • Management of the bank account
  • Management of payments via online banking under a power of attorney
  • Collecting primary documentation for the annual report
  • Submission of the annual report
  • Running personal errands to the day
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Additional services

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Few words about the company and its Director

Paul Andreev

We had and continue to have several types of businesses (business lines). At first there was a problem choosing the right team. This is when the business started. We put a great team together whose members were based in China, Belarus, Russia and the USA. Then we minimized costs, taxes. We learned how to find the most lucrative markets. As a result, we focused on the US market, examined it closely and cracked it. So we’ve been running business smoothly in the US since 2011. We help our clients do the same thing.

Feedback from our Clients

I have small confectionary production in the city of B., I’ve wanted to enter new markets. I was advised to contact Wall Street Partner company. I submitted a request just out of curiosity. A response to the request came right away. A manger called during the afternoon of the next day. We had a plain to-the-point talk in Russian! I was offered to begin by starting a company in the USA. According to the manager, this way we were going to “establish trust”. Overall, it took 7 days. Then they made me a product presentation of my product, I accepted it and sent to a number of retail networks. Besides, they developed logistics and calculated taxes. The delivery of confectionery products to New York stores cost me $6,800. The turnover is low so far but thank you so much to the Wall Street Partner team. I’d like to thank Paul in particular.
M., 36.
For some unknown reasons American companies suddenly stopped working with our Russian bank. This became a problem for us. Then the management set me a task to promptly open a representative office. I figured, I need to fly to Nevada (that’s where our clients are). I started to better understand local regulations and realized that I could hardly deal with them myself. I looked for American consulting companies. In some of them I was told that I would need to arrive only to register an account and asked $9,500 for the registration and legal address, plus a flight and hotel accommodation at my expense. About $25,000 in total. I was ready to fly and started to collect documents. Accidentally I saw a Wall Street Partner advertisement on Facebook. I submitted a request, got a call from a manager who asked me what the matter was. It turned out it would be better to open an LLC in Florida where income tax is 0%. It cost us 3 times cheaper with all the documents than the offers of other companies. Moreover, we signed a service contract with Wall Street Partner. I would like to thank the team. I'm looking forward to working with them!
An., 46.
I run a car dealership that sells used cars in the city of P. I got tired of constantly working through intermediaries and overpaying for auctions. We decided to register for the auctions in the USA ourselves. But the problem was with buying location and participating in the auctions. We needed an American company and we contacted Wall Street Partner. The company helped us open a company with a bank account and get necessary documents, license, and developed logistics. I really liked it that they do all the bookkeeping and submit reports themselves. Thank you!
I., 40.
I am engaged in the business that supplies service station equipment. I decided to deliver it from the USA to Russia. However, I had some trouble with it. I don’t know English. All in all, I figured I needed to find someone in the USA. I started searching for the information on how to open a company online and just in a couple of hours I realized that I’ll be able to open a company but not a bank account. And again, everything was in English! I was about to give up on that idea. However, a friend of mine told me about a team to contact. So I did. They quickly explained everything to me, called the suppliers, opened a company and an account, signed an equipment supply contract, and helped make the first shipment. Great job! Well done!
D., 42.
I’m in corporate law in the European market. It has puzzled me for quite a while that colleagues who run European companies get more money for their services than I do. One day after talking to one of them, I said to myself: “That’s it!” I got my act together and decided to start my own company overseas. After several nights of searching on the Internet, I figured that having your own company in Europe is good business. However, there was still something disturbing about it. Besides, I wanted to stand out among my competitors. So while searching I came across company registration in the USA. I called and they helped me understand why having your own company in the USA is more profitable than in Europe. You pay fewer taxes, have a better image, etc. On top of all, they helped me create a web-site and assisted with promotion in New York. Thank you very much for the service! It’s working!
A.N., 38.
One day I realized that I got tired of working in the CIS market only. I decided to enter the world market, but how can you explain to an American what transferring money using WebMoney means . They don’t have this system. Or PayPal, or an American bank account. I contacted Wall Street Partner and was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t have to go to the States myself. They helped me set up payment systems and draw up solid contracts. Now the income tax I am paying is 0% and I withdraw money from the card in Russia. Great! Thank you.
I., 29.
I had an idea. Based on this idea I developed an application. And then what? I started searching. I found Wall Street Partner on the Internet. They explained everything to me, helped launch a start-up on Kickstarter. They really helped me with the bookkeeping. Besides, they helped draw up a contract. A special thank you to Paul. He was very patient.
C., 24 года.
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